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Board Chairman


Board of Directors

The Board shall consists of 15 directors as may be appointed by the Govt. and they shall consist of

  • Five Directors representing coir workers and the self employed persons
  • One director each representing Govt. in the industries and finance departments
  • One director representing Coir Board
  • Director of Coir Development
  • Chief Execitive Officer of the Board
  • Five Directors representing exporters, dealers, employers, producers of coir products and coir Co-operative societies resteres or deemed to be registered under Kerla Co-Operative Societies registered or deemed to be registered under Kerala Co-Operative Societies Act 1969 (21 of 1969)

Present Board of Directors

a) Coir Workers Representatives

SlNo Name Address Phone Official Name

b) Government Representatives ---

c) Coir Board Representative ---

d) Employers Representatives -----

e) Chief Executive

Sri. M.J. Mathai

Chief Executive Officer


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