Kerala Coir Workers Welfare Fund Board is a statutory body undertaken by Govt. of Kerala, constituted under the Kerala Coir Workers Welfare Fund Act 1987 passed by the Kerala State Legislature for the welfare of poor and down trodden coir workers (as of now about 4 lakhs in numbers) in coir industry which is one of the leading traditional industries in Kerala, with the sole intention of improving their social and economic, living conditions.

Brief History

Grasping the deplorable situation in which the Coir Workers toiled and contributed their might to the betterment of the State's economy, the Government of Kerala enacted the Kerala Coir Workers Welfare Fund Act 1987 which provided for the constitution of a Fund to grant relief to, promote the welfare of , and pay pension to the Coir Workers and self employed persons in Coir Industry in the State of Kerala and for certain other matters incidental to it. The Fund is administered by a Board having 15 Directors of whom 5 are to be from among Coir Workers and self employed persons, 5 from employers, producers and dealers and 4 officials of State Government 1 from Coir Board, and the Secretary. The day to day administration is vested with the Chief Executive appointed by Government who is also the Secretary of the Board. The Board started functioning from 2.02.1989.


As per section 4 of the parent Act 1987 and 4 of the amendment Act, 1998, rule 3(2) a to h, of Kerala Coir Workers Welfare Fund Rules 1989, a fund is constituted using the grant from Government, contribution from coir workers, exporters, producers, employers, dealers, etc., for payment of pension and other welfare assistance to Old Coir Workers and Member Coir Workers turned pensioners from the fund.