Our Old Age Home

Para 21, Chapter VI of ‘Kerala Coir Workers Welfare Fund Scheme 1989' authorises the welfare Fund Board to formulate and implement, with the prior approval of Government other schemes for welfare of Coir Workers. In accordance with this, the Welfare Board proposed to establish Old Age Homes for the rehabilitation of the aged, poor and destitute coir workers, Such a scheme is at present not implemented by any other Labour Welfare Boards and hence one such home is thought of as a pilot scheme and set up and managed with the aid of Coir Board and State Government. Central Govt. through coir Board had also released their contribution of Rs. 10 lakhs during the year 1999-2000 for meeting the administrative expenses of Rajeeve Gandhi Memorial Old Age Home which has 20 inmates now , owned by this board for looking after the old aged destitute coir workers

Location.:-The first Old Age Home for Coir Workers was set up at Alappuzha, where the Headquarters of the Welfare Fund Board is situated Beneficiaries:-Old and destitute Coir Workers, over the age of 70 years in the case of men and 65 years in the case of women, who have no relatives to depend on for their subsistence alone will be admitted in this Home. Disabled Coir Workers, both men and women below the age 70/65 respectively will also be eligible for admission, Women are to be given preference. The beneficiaries will be selected by the “Board” or a committee appointed by the Board for that purpose. No. of inmates :-Initially 25 selected persons were admitted and now 20 inmates are leading a happy life at the home Facilities offered:-The inmates are provided with accommodation, food, medical care, means of entertainment and other amenities of reasonable standards, free of cost. The board also endeavors to secure the free services of eminent doctors to the extent possible.

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